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make your project shine

Reach your audience with the right message on the right channels

Does this sound familiar?

where is my client

We have a great project that needs more awareness amongst the right people and we don’t know where to start.

our Marketing doesn't work

We are currently doing digital marketing but our efforts are not working as we expected.

how do we do this

We have a team eager to learn how to manage our campaigns better, but we need a plan and training to do so.

we need a plan

We are about to launch a new product and we want to have a plan and do this right from the beginning.

Marta Sierra, Digibites

"I will immerse myself into your project so I can guide the way into taking your brand’s digital marketing to another level."

How May I Help You?

My main goal is to add value to your business, covering the areas where you need service or training. Find below some of my areas of expertese as well as different formats of collaboration that we can combine to optimise the outcome.

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consultoría digibites marketing


This is perfect for you if you need guidance to develop your marketing strategy, or you would like an expert to review your current campaigns, website, etc.

services digibites marketing


We offer digital marketing services such as SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Shopify e-commerce development, amongst others.

training digibites marketing


If you would like your in-house team to eventually handle part or all of your brand's channels, we can create a plan that includes digital marketing clases, adapted to your business.

I will build a marketing strategy tailored to your goals, assets and resources.


Let me tell you about the team...

You made it so far! Now that you are here, I would like to introduce you to my collaborators and myself, as we might just be the perfect match to your project. Click here to find out more.

brands we had a match with

What they say about me

«Marta is a digital marvel. She is the safest pair of hands you could wish to have looking after your digital media – and absolutely always meets or exceeds (even the most ambitious of) targets! As well as being incredibly insightful and clearly expert in the space, Marta is a joy to work with. Her light approach, and ability to remain calm and solutions-focused in all circumstances is really something. In short, we couldn’t recommend her more highly.»

Co-founder and Strategic Director of The Good Collective
Vicki Nice

“Marta is wonderful and I would highly recommend her! I was slightly cautious at the beginning as I knew nothing about digital marketing, and I certainly didn’t understand SEO…. However, Marta very quickly out me at ease and my confidence grew immediately. We were able to build a strategy that worked for us and then Marta ‘held my hand’ while we implemented it, teaching me every step of the way. It was a great success, and we were all thrilled with the outcomes. Marta has a fountain of knowledge and the most wonderful approach helping us to grow in so many ways.

Director at World Art Foundations
Clare Hindle

“I met Marta when working in London. she has been a great teacher and I learned a lot of things about digital advertising thanks to her! very patient and skilled teacher. 100% recommend her.”

Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Riccardo Ruggero Rigato